This portfolio is focused on landscape, with abstraction coming into play. Based on places I know and love, I want to reference an abstracted, energetic investigation of place. Many of the images are meant to suggest to the viewer a sense of someplace they may or may not have been. Created with an unbridled palette and arresting titles, my intention is to ignite memory, question, and mystery about the personal and emotional places we seek.

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Toby Island ReflectionsLuminous DepthsPlace of WonderAfter the SolsticeTiverton Sunrise Vermont ReflectionsMore SnowComing CloseLate Light on the Marsh ILate Light on the Marsh II SnowfieldBarrington SummerhouseMarshlightColorado TwinsShadow WalkCold SkyImagined StormRoad to the FjordWondering About FlowWe Were There OnceReaching for BeautyWaiting to Cross OverI Dreamt of WaterRecurring DreamFalling Into GraceDark ReflectionA Question of ShadowsIncoming TidePlace of ReflectionDark Reflection II