As a summer visitor to Mount Desert Island, Maine for over 35 years, its beauty and magic have played a crucial role in my development as an artist, and my experience of the Maine landscape is a major element in my work. This collection of paintings done over the years reflects the beauty of this special place. 

Click on the info button for each image at bottom left of screen to view price, size and  details about the piece. Click on the envelope icon to email me about it.  Low Tide ShadowsBald Porcupine SunriseLate Light ContrastsSand Beach Path (study)Cairn ShadowWrack Lines, Bennet CoveDuck Brook MarshBass Harbor Marsh MemorySand Beach Path and the BeehiveGrey Day at the Beaver PondAngular Rocks, Somes SoundFall Blueberry, Beech Mountain (study)Bass Harbor ReflectionsA Conversation Among Lengthening ShadowsBald Porcupine at DuskMarsh FlowCairn Shadow (study)Ship Harbor Shadows Red Grasses, Eagle LakeFall Blueberry, Beech Mountain